Providence Rest Nursing Home Worksite

Providence Rest Nursing Home

Providence Rest Nursing Home is a residential living facility, with 4 floors.  The nursing home takes care of elderly people who no longer can live independently on their own or with their family.  The nursing home also assist people who do not live in the residence.  They attend Providence Rest for physical therapy or visit the Adult Day Care department, from 8 AM - 3 PM, where they can participate in daily activities, such as art and crafts, cooking, exercising and other fun things.  At 3 PM they go home to their families or their home.

 721X students are volunteers and assist Providence Rest staff in the following departments.

  1.  Adult Day Care
  2.  Beauty Parlor
  3. Clinic
  4. Environmental
  5. Rehab Departments 
    1. Occupational Therapy
    2. Physical Therapy
  6. Office 
  7. Kitchen

The skills required for this work site are: reading, writing, navigation, able to work independently, follow instructions, polite behavior, able to tell time, transport residents to/from each department and return a resident back to their living floor, housing keeping,  and  willing to work in each department.  Each student should be a team player and can fill in for another student, if need be.  This means, a student should be willing to work in another department if a student is absent or is needed in another department by a request from a Providence Rest Supervisor.  

Transporting is the main job at Providence Rest.  Each student must sign a book, writing the resident’s name, time and where the resident is going, such as OT, PT, Beauty Parlor, Clinic.  Transporting is required to assist transporting residents to daily activities and Wednesday/Friday religious services. 

When a student works in the kitchen, they are there to assist the cooks and clean. If the kitchen staff feels a student is independent, they will assist staff with delivering food to each floor, in the community room.  

In all departments, no student should just stand around. They should ask the supervisor, what is needed and become familiarize with daily work performance. 

Covid19 is the only reason why we are not there, for Providence Rest staff truly are missing the students/volunteers.  They cannot wait until we return.