Beanstalk Academy 1 Worksite

Beanstalk Academy 1

This is a perfect worksite for students who are interested in childcare. The students volunteer in classrooms with children between the ages of 1-4. Each student volunteer is placed in a classroom with a Beanstalk Academy Teacher and Assistant Students at Beanstalk Academy 1 participate in training to be teacher assistants. The students assist the daycare's classroom teacher in daily activities such as Serving meals, playtime, reading, writing and nap time. We also have students who assist the kitchen staff preparing meals as well as the custodial staff cleaning the facility. Students who excel, get recommended for the Teacher Assistants Program from the DOE. Where they can go on to become Paraprofessionals in a public school setting.

Site Information

Skills required: good interpersonal skills, ability to multitask, flexibility, nurturing and patient, positivity. Expectations and job duties: attendance and punctuality, facilitate activities, manage small groups, meal prep and service, maintenance, nap time preparation.

Beanstalk Academy Schedule: 8-8:50 checkin/breakfast, 8:50-12:10 Work in Classrooms, 12:10-1: lunch/conference, 1-2:30pm: instruction, 2:30-2:50pm: bussing/dismissal

Student Testimonials

What students have to say about Beanstalk Academy 1

Arielle Pena

I like doing the morning circle with the kids.
I help with food and drinks.
The teacher trusts me to go to the kitchen to get plates and cups.
I listen to the teacher when she gives me directions.
I am going to miss the kids so much because I love them.
I’m going to miss the worksite when I graduate.

Samuel Jimenez

My responsibility is to watched the kids.

I also wash the kids hand. I like to play with with the kids .
I also like to read funny stories.

I like to work with
kids because it’s
fun and I love kids.

Alyssa Pena

I like working with kids and I like playing with them.

I like to get them ready for nap time. We take them outside when the weather is nice. The kids like when I read them stories. I also like to help the teachers clean and organize the classroom.

I am going to miss the kids so much!

 The kids make me happy. That is why I love them.

Kiara Coleman

The things I like about Beanstalk Academy is playing with the kids and helping the teachers. Some of the things I do are Serve the kids breakfast, read stories, tie shoes, sweep the floor, clean the tables and serve food. I would recommend this site to student who like to work with kids. The teachers and little children are very nice and we all work together.