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Here you will find information about our 9 full-time worksites.

A message from P721X Job developer, Jim Kernochan:

The Job Developer is responsible for securing age appropriate internships and/or employment for youth, ages 14-21. The Job Developer will be responsible for interacting with businesses across the borough to identify job placement and career advancement opportunities for program participants to include Part-time as well as Full-time positions. The Job Developer will have to manage a number of projects at one time. The P721x Job Developer is responsible for nine full-time worksites and 17 part-time worksites. The Job Developer is responsible for keeping the student body informed of vocational opportunities and helping with the work study curriculum that will make them work ready.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NYC Department of Education Chancellor has discontinued in-person community activities.  We hope to return to these worksites once the city reopens and the Chancellor deems community activities to be safe for our students.
-Jim Kernochan

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YMCA Castle Hill  Plaza Rehab and Nursing Home  Schervier Nursing Home  Providence Rest  Montefiore Hospital  Glebe Senior Center  BEANSTALK Academy 1  BEANSTALK Academy 2  The Hebrew Home