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Here you will find information about our 9 full-time worksites.

A message from P721X Job developer, Jim Kernochan:

The Job Developer is responsible for securing age appropriate internships and/or employment for youth, ages 14-21. The Job Developer will be responsible for interacting with businesses across the borough to identify job placement and career advancement opportunities for program participants to include Part-time as well as Full-time positions. The Job Developer will have to manage a number of projects at one time. The P721x Job Developer is responsible for nine full-time worksites and 17 part-time worksites. The Job Developer is responsible for keeping the student body informed of vocational opportunities and helping with the work study curriculum that will make them work ready.

-Jim Kernochan

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YMCA Castle Hill  Plaza Rehab and Nursing Home  Schervier Nursing Home  Providence Rest  Montefiore Hospital  Glebe Senior Center  BEANSTALK Academy 1  BEANSTALK Academy 2  The Hebrew Home